Les revues d'IWA passent intégralement au libre accès

L'International Water Association (IWA) annonçait récemment ceci :

2021 marks the start of our next chapter – providing universal, free access to our entire high-quality portfolio of knowledge-based publications.
As many of you know, IWA publishes more than 15 world-leading journals on all aspects of water. From 2021, we are proud to announce that all our journals can now be accessed by everyone at no charge. This is a very exciting and transformative development, and indeed IWA is very proud to be the first organisation publishing STM journals entirely under the Open Access model.
(IWA Newsletter - 5 February 2021)

Désormais, les revues suivantes sont en accès libre et ouvert :

Hydrology Research    https://iwaponline.com/hr
Journal of Hydroinformatics    https://iwaponline.com/jh
Water Quality Research Journal    https://iwaponline.com/wqrj
Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination    https://iwaponline.com/jwrd
Water Science & Technology    https://iwaponline.com/wst
Water Supply    https://iwaponline.com/ws
AQUA    https://iwaponline.com/aqua
Blue-Green Systems    https://iwaponline.com/bgs
H2Open Journal    https://iwaponline.com/h2open
Journal of Water and Climate Change    https://iwaponline.com/jwcc
Journal of Water and Health    https://iwaponline.com/jwh
Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development    https://iwaponline.com/washdev
Water Policy    https://iwaponline.com/wp
Water Practice & Technology    https://iwaponline.com/wpt
Ingeniería del agua    https://iwaponline.com/ia

L'information a évidemment été intégrée dans les outils de gestion du SDIS, pour offrir des liens fluides à partir des outils de recherche tel que GoogleScholar ou autres.