Endnote et Word 2016 pour Mac (version 15.22) non compatibles

Les utilisateurs de Mac seront intéressés de savoir qu'Endnote et la version Mac de Word 2016 (version 15.22) ne sont pas compatibles.

NB: Les utilisateurs de PC ne sont pas touchés


For X7 Mac users....

We are aware of an issue with Word 2016 version 15.22 that is preventing EndNote X7 for Mac and CWYW from working properly. Currently, it is causing the following error message to show: A COM EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED. 

While we work with Microsoft to understand and come to a solution, we recommend the following:

El Capitain users should stay on or roll back to Word version 15.21.1

Yosemite users, please continue to use Word version 15.20

Instructions on how to roll back to a prior version of Word from both El Capitan as well as Yosemite are here: http://endnote.com/kb/139615